Ooh! You've got a back door pass!

Give your clinical creativity a place to thrive

THE WIRED COLLECTIVE is a premium online membership  for pediatric PTs and OTs who want to learn, collaborate and network with an international community of therapists who are passionate about getting the best outcomes for the kids they treat

built on a promise of not adding more busy, overload or overwhelm to your week

A place to get tech-savvy and connected to excellence

The Wired Collective Spiral is the fastest and easist way to

  •  Connect deeply with an international network of therapists and get access to insider knowledge around cutting edge ideas, tools and techniques.

  • Stay up to date with the latest evidence and get the scoop on what the academics are working on, struggling with and excited about.

  • Use the latest behavior change science to meet your own expectations and align your work day with your values.

You're passionate about what you do as a pediatric therapist



You strive to be amazing, to have the energy and skills to help your kids make life-changing progress

But  admin and information overload can be tough!

Not to mention the funding constraints, professional politics and unmanageable caseloads!

It's pretty near impossible not to feel overwhelmed and less effective than you'd like,

but you're not alone, not even a little bit...

We're using technology to grow a network of like-minded clinicians where the collective wisdom of the community is heads and shoulders above any place else when it comes to learning and problem solving

and with all the information, tools and resources out there, it's never been easier.


Now I didn't say it was easy! But with what's available to us,


right now is the best time to make it happen because

You've got a back door pass to



Quarterly Themes provide a structured learning space to be more intentional about delving deep into each topic

Themes are based on:

•Clinical Analysis

•The Therapy Toolbox

•Core Concepts

•Therapy Approaches

•Diagnoses Specific Approaches


A Monthly Focus ensures we cover the clinical, academic and basic sciences with an emphasis on meaningful implementation back into the clinic

Focus areas include:

•Case Studies

•Hot Topics

•Current Research


•Basic Science

Weekly Activities are where it all happens.  Hangout, connect, join in a challenge, discuss case studies and leverage the collective group experiences to extend your thinking and practices.

Activities cycle around:

•Zoom Interactive Meetups

•Tech / Clinic Skill Building Challenges

•Live Q&As

•Virtual Clinic Interactions

Stacy Zousmer, PT

 I am fascinated by all of the research out there, new treatment interventions, and ideas that can be spread and shared so quickly using the latest technology. 

Shelley Mannell, PT

Looking to learn new perspectives and skills from some other very experienced therapists from around the globe!

Ashley Schilling, PT

To find new ways to challenge my clients, challenge my parents and challenge myself

Christine Egan, PT

I just love the whole international flavor of it

Want to hear from some of our awesome members?

And all for one flat monthly fee

that's less than a chocolate a day ( I could have said coffee - but it's the m&ms that get me)

So if you’re trying to figure out how to use technology to connect and up-skill, or if you’re a master clinician already running online courses but you want to support more therapists to gets results,


THE WIRED COLLECTIVE has got you covered

Get tech savvy and connected to an amazing network of therapists who are all on the same journey, working towards maximizing therapy outcomes for our kids, but in a tech-smart way that super charges time and effort.

  • Clinical leader insights

  • Academic expert discussions

  • Challenges & mini-workshops

  • Accountability

  • Mentors

  • Certificate of attendance

  • Transcripts

  • Clinical Pointers and tips

  • International network of thinking therapists


Got some questions?

What if I join and decide it's not for me?

If you've taken out an annual plan, you can jump into the membership and try it out for a month.

If it's not for you, cancel within the first 30 days for a full refund (less standard transaction fees) - no questions asked.

After that, you can renew or cancel your subscription each year - your choice.

(The 30 day trial starts from the beginning of  Bootcamp)

Similarly, if you've taken out a monthly plan, you can cancel your recurring payment at any time.

How often is enrollment open for therapists to join?

We open doors only twice  a year for new members. The rest of the year we focus on supporting our amazing community inside the membership

Can I join if I am not a therapist?

THE WIRED COLLECTIVE is only for registered physical and occupational therapists. You will have to show proof of your professional registration prior to getting access to the membership.

Umm...How does it actually work?

Well I'm glad you asked! We open enrollment for one week to give everyone a chance to jump on board. Once the doors close we get going with our Tech Therapist Boot-camp. Here we'll walk you through the essential skills you'll need to get tech savvy and connected online - It's a little intense (it's boot-camp after all) but you come out the other side with the skills you need to get the most out of THE WIRED COLLECTIVE.

From there we jump into our membership - a no-judgement zone where we meet up regularly - sometimes live via online videoconferencing and sometimes virtually via a members only Facebook group.  The Weekly Activities will change  depending on our Quarterly Theme and Monthly Focus. You'll have the option to attend a fortnightly live online activity (or catch the recording later) and you'll get different challenges and checklists you can use however it suites you to keep up to date and stretch yourself

Long story short - it's something you just have to experience

What's the time commitment?

That's a tricky one to answer - it's really as  much or as little as you choose.

If the topic is of interest to you, you can spend up to an hour or two each week getting the most from the discussions and activities. If you're short on time or just want an quick updates, you can catch up with the summaries and clinical pointers when ever you have a second, or catch the replays at another time that suits you.


The whole point of THE WIRED COLLECTIVE is keep us all up to date & inspired

without adding any more overwhelm or busy to your week

What if I have other questions?

A place to get tech savvy and connected to excellence

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Be Excited! Be Informed! Be Effective!