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And then there's more goodness

Being a member of The Wired Collective means you get the option of an increadible


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For Online Courses

and A Digital Home Exericse Program Solution


The HEP App

Searching for pictures on google for your home programs is so yesterday - not to mention time consuming. With the Embodia HEP App you can take a quick video and audio instructions with your phone, which uploads to the FREE and SECURE client app with one click.

  • From there you can set parameters and add addional notes or instructions

  • Track progess, including completion rates, symptom levels and client notes using the Embodia Dashboard

  • Add addional exercises from the library of videos that have been created by Embodia, their experts, our Wired Collective or your own client recordings. 

  • Help families feel engaged and connected between sessions with gentle reminders, notifications and easy progress tracking

  • Most importantly, they have clear instructions showing them how to peform the exercises at home and you don't have to go back to the computer to spend your precious time trying make an engaging home program sheet. 


Embodia benefits


Online learning

Get access to over 170 evidence based courses with new ones added every month  from practice management to pain management and everything in between.


The courses are broken down into simple, digestible pieces so you won’t feel overwhelmed. The video lessons are short and easy to follow.


Embodia Course examples

Plus you can learn anytime, anywhere from your tablet, phone, or computer. Then after you complete the course you’ll get a certificate for your continuing education credits and reimbursement.



Get an all inclusive Full Years FREE subscription to Embodia

worth $180.00

when you buy The Wired Collective Annual Plan

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  • UPGRADE TO: The Wired Collective Monthly Embodia Bundle

    • Get a crazy discount of more than 70% off your Embodia subscription with your monthly membership to The Wired Collective

      • For therapists who like the freedom of being able to manage their commitment from month to month.

Monthly +



Brilliant Savings of $132.00

 70% of  Embodia subscriptions

+ NO registration fee

Monthly Embodia Bundle

pricing in USD


The Wired Collective partnership with Embodia gives you

  • Amazing tech-tools for your clinic

  • Online learning AND 

  • A community to support your integration of that learning right back into the clinic!



  • UPGRADE TO: The Wired Collective Annual Plan

    • An annual pass to The Wired Collective with a DOUBLE BONUS.

      • an all-inclusive FREE subscription to Emobodia +

      • an ADDITIONAL FREE month in The Wired Collective over and above your 2 free months you've just scored with The Ultimate Therapy Bundle

        • For therapists who are committed to building an online network of excellence and love a good bargain




Massive saving of $207.00

 12 months FREE in Embodia

1 month FREE in the Wired Collective

(Renews Annually at $297)

The Annual Plan

pricing in USD

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