The Steptember Project 2016: Parenting Children with Disabilities

It’s a funny world, this disability world. Nobody really wants a ticket in, but once you get there, there are hidden treasures to be found. That’s the lot of the pediatric therapist – the privilege of being immersed in the lives of the most fantastic families and learning from them

how to grab life and live well no matter what

The Steptember Challenge was our inspiration to capture some of this wisdom and share it with new mums or mums who haven’t yet found their support networks or just want a chuckle. Lisa and Eva are two mums who’ve figured some of the hard stuff out. They agreed (after some wine) to record their conversation about living life well with cerebral palsy on our walk to rack up Steptember miles for Team Wheelie Walkers. Things that we cover o What do you know now that you wish you’d known in the early days of being a mum o Working with therapists o Managing mum guilt o Finding balance o Funny things that friends and family do (that they shouldn’t) o Tips for school o The best way to approach mums of kids with disabilities o Top Tips for new mums Have a listen to “Conversations with mums who wheelie walk the talk”

It’s 32 minutes so put on some headphones and go for a walk whilst you listen (it was for Steptember after all!) and please remember to support this great cause next . . . September

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