Shelley Mannell: Core Requirements for Physical Therapists

If you want to be an effective pediatric therapist, start here.

Shelley Mannell from Heartspace PT brings a wealth of wisdom and analytical brilliance to addressing the underlying components of therapy that make everything else work better. She addresses not only what our kiddos need to improve their dynamic core and function, but what we can do ourselves to achieve excellence in our own areas of practice. If I had one word to describe Shelley, it would be "Wise" and you are guaranteed be wiser for having listened to her!

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The Podcast: Listen, enjoy, share...

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  1. Becoming a physical therapists, early experiences (1:25)

  2. Early Influences and Mentors (5:50)

  3. Moving into sensory processing as a physical therapist (8.28)

  4. Mistakes and learnings (11:04)

  5. Where to focus first in initial treatments (12:00)

  6. Current reading interests (13:26)

  7. Getting into teaching (14:54)

  8. Best book recommendations (17:20)

  9. Recommendations for therapists new to the field (19:40)

  10. Why NDT? (22:35)

  11. Clinical Questions

  • W-sitting (25.32)

  • Scapulae and rib position before using monkey bars and trapeze (29.28)

  • Balance work in a child with spastic diplegia - dancing with strategies (32.08)

  • Car sickness, vertigo and the vestibular system (35.22)

  • Coming to NZ and other info on organizing courses (38.27)

  • Primitive Reflexes (39.28)

  1. What commonly gets missed in clinical practice (45:16)

  2. Reflective questions for clinical practice (47:53)

  3. Best advice for developing excellence (48.54)


Shelley Mannell

HeartSpace PT for Children

Dynamic Core for Kids

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