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As physical, occupational and speech therapists working with children with complex needs (and too often) exhausted families and disconnected teams that don't always see eye-to-eye, we recognised the need for clinical discussions that go beyond what we can gather from textbook and published guidelines.

Brigid Driscoll: Aligning physical therapy and orthotics in idiopathic toe-walking & cerebral palsy

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Brigid Driscoll

Senior Physical Therapist & Orthotist at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

This interview is packed with practical tips, brilliant insights, and golden nuggets to take away. We get into the weeds of idiopathic toe-walking, CP, and orthotic devices but just as importantly, we explore the realities of bringing clinical work and evidence-based practice into alignment (excuse the pun).

Because this interview has such a practical focus, I do need to state that all advice is in this and all wiredOn interviews are general information for our individual growth and learning and are not meant as treatment or clinical advice, even when we are discussing specific clinical cases.

Therapy in pediatric neurodisabilty is both an art and a science and Brigid Driscoll brings these together so eloquently in this wiredOn interview. I know you are going to get so much value out of this interview -


For handy links to things we've discussed in this interview,  scroll down to the Resources Section at the bottom of the page.

Listen, enjoy, share...

Podcast Highlights

Time Stamps in green

  • 5:40 minutes- Getting a second degree

  • 7:20 minutes- The casting program

  • 9:14 minutes - What exactly is Center of Mass?

  • 12:43 minutes- What makes a success rate of 90%

  • 19:00 minutes- Research

  • 22:39 minutes- Research gaps - it’s inconsistent

  • 24:05 minutes- The casting protocol

  • 27:42 minutes- SVA vs Vertical Tibia

  • 29:00 minutes- Hinged vs Solid

  • 30:57 minutes- The importance of a posterior COM

  • 33:49 minutes- The unique design of the AFOs


  • 36:00 minutes- Fighting discomfort and pain in a 13 year old who has ITW

  • 39:40 minutes- Late onset toe walking 

  • 42:50 minutes- When to intervene with flat feet and red flags

  • 46:12 minutes- Using GRAFOs

  • 50:23 minutes- Bracing and muscle weakness

  • 56:30 minutes- SMOs vs AFOs vs wait-and-see in early ITW

  • 1:03:46 minutes- Skin break down in orthotics and communicating with orthotists

Wrap Up

  • 1:07:45 minutes- Calf straps vs in-step straps

  • 1:10:19 minutes- Stretching vs strengthening

  • 1:13:00 minutes- Family Centered Care

  • 1:14:03 minutes- EBP insights

  • 1:15:23 minutes- Courses worth doing



Find out more about Brigid >> Brigid Driscoll

More resources kindly shared by Brigid

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