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Clinical Excellence Online 

Get practical, personalized and specific ideas to take your clinical skills to the next level with virtual one-to-one sessions and a searchable library of clinical case discussions.

Kids are growing up faster than we can learn everything we need to know as therapists working in neurodevelopment. 

It's just the nature of the work we do. 

Getting access to clinical experts we trust - clinicians who have years of experience and expertise outside of our own - is the most effective way  to help us see the gaps, offer perspective and work through next steps to get the best possible outcomes for the kids we are working with. 

Save NOW with a Crazy 90% Discount

CEO makes clinical analysis and problem solving with world class experts more accessible and affordable than ever before by giving therapists a virtual team of experts in their back pocket.

 ✔️  Discuss YOUR specific, individual clinical case with an expert in the field 

 ✔️  Search at lightning speed through a library of clinical insights and conversations using key words

 ✔️  Practical, personalized and specific to you, your kids and family's needs


Take a quick peak inside the CEO platform

Right now we have eight of the most loved clinical thought leaders ready and waiting to put their eyes on your kids and to share their wisdom with you.


  • Want some support around musculoskeletal issues and orthotics? Grab a session with Billi Cusick 🤩


  • Need some advice on Elastic Therapeutic Taping, Scars, Scoliosis or Diastasis Rectus? Grab a session with Esther de Ru 🤩


  • Have some complex kids who need respiratory or core work? Mary Massery 🤩 is available to put her eyes on your kids so you know exactly what to do next.


  • Don’t know where to start with all the options available, thinking about how to optimise your available time or need someone to bounce ideas around CP, brachial plexus injuries, biofeedback and other modalities? Pia Stampe 🤩 will help you find your best path forward.

  • Working through complex issues with constipation, incontinence, bed wetting? Dawn Sandalcidi is the world leading expert in pediatric bowel and bladder health and function and is here to help your kids and families with life altering advice and expertise.


  • Torticollis, asymmetries, fascial issues and TMR support needed? Susan Blum 🤩 will guide your hands and your clinical reasoning to get your kids moving and thriving in the best way possible.


  • Whole Body Vibration, eStim, Spinal Neuromodulation? If you’re ready to apply these powerful modalities or just interested in finding out if your kid’s a good fit, Susan Hastings 🤩 would love to talk it through with you.


  • Working with kids with complex physical disabilities?  Sarah Clayton 🤩 has an unbelievably powerful, but simple approach to postural care, 24 hour positioning and sleep systems. She will walk you through putting the right supports (literally, emotionally, physically) in place to optimise this ‘easy to say - hard to do’ essential piece of therapeutic care.


And this is just the start. 


We plan to bring you more experts as we grow because no therapist has enough time to be an expert in every area of development – neurodevelopmental care needs a team approach. CEO is still in its infancy and we are excitedly discovering what’s possible with our online shared learning platform.


In addition to accessing one-to-one sessions in CEO we are building a searchable library of videos

  • showcasing experts discussing clinical cases that relate to exactly the kind of real issues you’re struggling with day-to-day in the clinic.

  • searchable by key words so you can jump to exactly the point you need in the video without wasting time scrolling through hours of content you don’t need or don’t have time to watch.

Our vision is to make clinical excellence affordable and accessible to every child, no matter where in the world they live.

How much does CEO cost?

Clinical Courses are so important, but it gets expensive trying to do all the courses we want to do. And even when we have done them, we often leave these courses feeling a little overwhelmed or unsure where to start when we get back to clinic. 

Getting one-to-one advice from thought leaders on what to do, or how to implement their approach can be over $170.00 for an hour session. 


With CEO we are leveraging the power of the crowd to make is easier and more affordable than ever before to access expert advice and wisdom. Using a shared learning model of recorded one-to-one peer-review sessions with clinical experts, we are creating a resource library of insights and applications. 

We have had nearly a hundred peer review sessions with amazing learning, knowledge bombs, insights and practical ideas that have lead to outstanding progress and breakthroughs for therapists and their kids. And you can access this now for a crazy discounted 90% off the first two months of the already crazy affordable price of only $19/month. 


If you act now - you can get access to everything CEO has to offer at only $1.90/month for two months

Only $19 $1.90 a month gives you two months to take advantage of one-to-one sessions and a growing library of lighting fast access to searchable clinical insights.

PLUS access to The Expert Exchange!

  • High level conversations with CEO's expert clinicians.

  • Clinical discussions that go beyond what we can gather from textbook and published guidelines.

  • Actionable, practical ideas, tips and strategies to deal with the realities of clinical practice that you won't find anywhere else

  • In three easy to consume formats - video, podcast AND a downloadable booklet jam packed with all the insights and take-a-ways.

And there's no lock-in. You can cancel any time. If you're no longer finding the clinical discussions and one-to-one virtual sessions helpful, you just cancel through a one-click, no questions asked link on your invoice. 


You are in control of your CEO membership investment

We never want therapists to feel they are locked in to something that is not adding value to their busy lives. That's why we are making it as easy to leave as it is to gain access to all the wisdom and insights we're building together as part of CEO. If you are not happy with the way CEO is supporting your clinical skill development, or for any other reason whatsoever, simply click the link in your email and cancel. 


No questions asked or hoops to jump through!

Get this international team of expert clinicians in
your back pocket

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