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The Wired Collective Joint Venture Program

Partner with us to grow the membership and your online passive income

Recurring Commission

Receive 20%-30% commission for every paying member who signs up through your link for the life of their membership

Inspiring Networks

Fill the membership with awesome therapists you love to hangout with and help grow our collective wisdom

Direct Payouts

Commissions are paid directly to your Paypal account automatically at the end of each trial period

How it works

  • Sign up as a paying member to THE WIRED COLLECTIVE before 7 June 2018 (including monthly, annual or annual plus membership plans)

  • Come back here and click on the Join our JV program button to add your membership and PayPal details

  • You will receive a link via email with a URL that is unique to you in the next few days. You can share this with anyone who you think would benefit from being in THE WIRED COLLECTIVE

  • This link will enable therapists to purchase an Annual Plus membership to THE WIRED COLLECTIVE which includes 2 months free, no admin fees and a FREE bonus pass to The Behavior Design for Therapists webinar

    • This offer will only be available through JV partner links as a benefit for your personal network, and not on the standard sign up page that everyone else will have access to.

  • If anyone signs up through your link, they will be added to your affiliate account

  • Once the therapist has been verified as a licensed therapist they will have 1 month to trial the membership. After the trial period ends, if they haven't cancelled their subscription you will receive  your commission, provided you are a a member in good standing.

  • You will receive recurring commission every year for all the therapists in your account that remain a member of THE WIRED COLLECTIVE in good standing, as long as you too remain a member in good standing.

  • Commission will be paid into your PayPal account

  • Commission is calculated as a percentage of the members annual fee and based on the accumulative number of paid members in your account at the annual payout each year

    • 1-20 members - commission = 20%

    • 20-50 members - commission = 30%

    • 50+ members - commission = 40%

Questions & Answers

  • Q: Will this replace the old wiredondevelopment?  For those who don’t become members will they still get the weekly snippets and access to the website for the podcasts etc?

    • A: The wiredOn interviews and snippets will always be free. My goal is to share the stories and inspirational insights of master clinicians with as many therapists as possible and the snippets keep me accountable to actually paying attention to the nuggets I get out of the interview. The Clinical Corner will be discontinued.

  • Q:  What is the relevance of topics for non-NDT or Neurodisability OT's? As an SI trained therapist ( I hardly remember or use any NDT now), I wonder if you will be having a separate group or content space?

    • A: In terms of relevance, it will be along the same lines that wiredOn Development takes. Although I am biased towards NDT and physio (being an NDT physio and all 😊) My aim is to be open-minded and exploratory to all things related to neuromotor rehab in paediatrics - with SI being a huge part of that I think. From my experience being in other online memberships, people develop sub-groups within the main group that focus around their interest or expertise and so they can dig deeper when it suits them and then participate in the broader group conversations too. This will be encouraged & supported in The Wired Collective. 

  • Q: How will you manage people in different time-zones being able to participate live

    • A: We will schedule regular Zoom live times (approximately 2/month) but will alternate times to accommodate different preferences. This will be determined by the membership once everyone is signed up. The plan is to rotate around 3 set times. The Zoom lives will be recorded for people to catch them if they can't make the lives and discussions will be continued in our private facebook group for everyone to participate in their own timezone (asynchronous communication in eHealth speak 😉)

  • Q: Does the JV program have the same annual rate as all of the members? ($190)

    • A: Yes - $190 includes the Behaviour Design webinar - which is basically the same deal you’ll be giving to your networks but as a JV partner, you get the option to earn commission from signing up your own network. So if 5 people sign up with your link, you’ve covered your subscription for the year. If you get 11 people plus, you’ll move onto the higher commission tier, which means you’ll earn $600.00 plus - and if you share the link with a big enough network and you’re hitting over 21 sign-ups, your commission will be in the top tier which gives you around $1600.00 plus

  • Q: How will I be able to promote my JV link to other therapists if I don't have a close network and I'm not that keen to sell things? 

    • A: All of us are therapist primarily and this is not so much about selling, but about creating awareness of an opportunity that we are all excited about.  We will be using the wiredOn development Facebook group to share more information about The Wired Collective, why we are excited about it and how people can join if it sounds exciting to them too.  During our open cart week, JV partners will have the option of jumping into Facebook with me to share the vision because I think we each say things differently, which will resonate with different people. Therapists who are keen to join will only be able to get the free webinar bonus if they join through a JV partner and we will be listing JV partners so people who know you can find you and get the bonus link. This is to make sure that those therapists that support the early vision and development of this collective benefit from taking the leap with me!

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