September 22, 2018

What does it mean to actually be successful as a parent at implementing therapy with your own kids at home - and what can we as therapists do to help with that...

Jo-Anne has worked as a paediatric physiotherapist in South Africa, America, New Zealand and Canada - in hospitals, early intervention, schools and private practice. Her clinical knowledge is multifaceted and she has a life long love of hands-on learning, but her specialty is Cuevas MEDEK Exercises.

June 12, 2017

What I learned from listening to Dr Edward Taub, the man who brought us CIMT, some of the research that applies in under two's and practical applications in clinic

November 28, 2016

NDT has gotten a bit of a bad rap recently. Neurodevelopmental therapy (Bobath) has been a mainstream approach to treating children with cerebral palsy since Karel and Berta Bobath introduced their theories sometime in the 1970’s. What was it about this approach that catapulted it  into an accepted approach to treating cerebral palsy all over the world?  And why, despite the poor evidence, do intelligent, scientifically minded...

September 30, 2016

It’s a funny world, this disability world. Nobody really wants a ticket in, but once you get there, there are hidden treasures to be found. That’s the lot of the pediatric therapist – the privilege of being immersed in the lives of the most fantastic families and learning from them

how to grab life and live well no matter what

The Steptember Challenge was our inspiration to capture some of this wisdom and share it with new mums...

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