Oren Steinberg: Empowering Parents with Home Programs - Sensory Treat

Oren Steinberg: Empowering Parents with Home Programs - Sensory Treat

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Oren Steinberg is the founder and chairperson of Sensory Treat, a revolutionary programme that supports therapists and parents to work together in creating home exercise programmes for children with sensory processing difficulties. Oren comes from a background of tech, currently working for a healthcare and technology company on a mission to make clinical genetic sequencing more accessible to physicians and patients, but his super power is that he is a dad that has walked the walk - and has his own personal journey of being a parent of a child on the therapy treadmill and what it means to actually be successful as parent at implementing therapy with your own kids at home - and what we as therapists can do to help with that. I really enjoyed our chat - it gave me a lot of food for thought and I know you are going to get a lot out of it too - enjoy!

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Time Stamps (drag the cursor along the sound wave - might only work on desktop)

  • Introducing Sensory Treat 02:30

  • A real life parent story of using the App 12:34

  • The App details - what's inside Sensory Treat and how to use it 15:18

  • The research 24:42

  • Supporting adherence 33:15

  • Quick Wins 35:10

  • Don't make this mistake 36:28

  • A magic technique - getting back in the game 38:57

  • Developing a tech app 41:40

  • Tips for getting started 45:11

Sensory Treat for managing sensory-motor therapy home programs



Wired ON Development clickable links to great resources for pediatric PTs and OTs
  • Sensory Treat Programme: https://sensorytreat.com/

  • Purchase SensoryMagnets here.

  • Start to use the app and platform as a therapist here.

  • Peer reviewed publication on TeleMedicine and eHealth Journal here.

  • Editorial on OT Practice here (requires access to AOTA website).

  • Article on Autism Parenting Magazine here.

  • Blog posts with tips for families here.


Sensory Treat Page

People & Approaches Mentioned

Dr Winnie Dunn

You can also catch the recording of a talk that Oren shared our Facebook page by clicking on the image below (Just a heads up - skip the first 8 minutes of the video - it's just us getting ready 😊)

Listen to Oren's talk here

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