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As physical, occupational and speech therapists working with children with complex needs (and too often) exhausted families and disconnected teams that don't always see eye-to-eye, we recognised the need for clinical discussions that go beyond what we can gather from textbook and published guidelines.

Specializing in Neurodisability: Bobath Therapy for Pediatric PTs and OTs with Prof. Margaret J Mayston

Prof. Margaret J Mayston


Prof Mayston trained as a physiotherapist in Melbourne, Australia before traveling to London to undertake specialist studies in childhood neurodisability (Bobath). This was followed by an academic career in science, completing an MSc in Human & Applied Physiology (Kings College London), a PhD in neurophysiology, and then 3-year Wellcome Trust funded postdoctoral fellowship both at University College London (UCL).

Since 2000 Prof Mayston has combined a clinical and academic career based at University College London where she is currently a Professor (teaching) in the Division of Biosciences at UCL teaching neuroscience and general physiology on undergraduate programmes. She also gives sessions on Typical Child Development for the MSc Advanced Pediatrics (UCL). As a Senior Bobath Tutor (pediatrics) she teaches on Foundation courses globally and is involved in tutor training. 

This conversation with Prof Margaret J Mayston goes a long way to answering a question I asked more than a decade ago.

Why, despite the poor evidence, do intelligent, scientifically minded, educated and experienced therapists still value Bobath/NDT? Or do they?

Prof Mayston exemplifies the intelligent, scientifically minded, educated and experienced therapist. And we cover so much more than Bobath therapy in this interview, from basic physiology to philosophy and everything in between. But essentially this interview captures why intelligent, scientifically minded, educated and experienced therapist think the call to de-implement Bobath/NDT is not only ignorant and misguided, but detrimental to our profession as a whole, and a disservice to the kids and families that we are tasked with caring for.

I hope it makes you think...



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Podcast Highlights

  • 05:18 minutes- The Bobath Concept as A Turning Point

  • 13:42 minutes- Bobath Evolution and Misconceptions

  • 16:52 minutes- Bobath vs NDT

  • 21:11 minutes- Bobath Research and Evidence

  • 29:45 minutes- The Future of Bobath: Preserving a Holistic Approach

  • 36:39 minutes- Reflecting on the Impact and Misinterpretations of Bobath

  • 39:11 minutes- Exploring Movement Analysis and Clinical Reasoning

  • 40:00 minutes- The Value of Bobath Training in Therapy

  • 44:08 minutes- Clinical Reasoning in Bobath Therapy

  • 44:44 minutes- Challenges and Future Directions in Bobath Research

  • 51:46 minutes- Understanding and Applying System Science in Therapy

  • 01:01:27 minutes- Reflections on Research, Practice, and the Evolution of Therapy Concepts

  • 01:11:04 minutes- Research




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