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As physical, occupational and speech therapists working with children with complex needs (and too often) exhausted families and disconnected teams that don't always see eye-to-eye, we recognised the need for clinical discussions that go beyond what we can gather from textbook and published guidelines.

Cutting-Edge Practice for Pediatric Physical and Occupational Therapists with Dr. Susan Hastings

I had a hard time trying to come up with a word that best described Susan Hastings because I couldn’t choose between innovative and insightful. The truth is that Susan intertwines these two qualities into her therapy approach with such single-minded brilliance that she has developed her clinical practice into something that is arguably the most exciting approach to neuromotor rehab that I have had the pleasure of delving into ever.

Susan’s enthusiasm for trying new things has led her down the path of PWB gait training, FES, WBV and some new techniques that are so exciting they’re going to blow the roof off what we are able to achieve with our kids. Plus Susan’s approach is so fun. She never asks does this work, she says, let’s give this a go and if I see changes, how can I figure out why I’m seeing them and how can I make it work better.

This interview made me see things from a completely new perspective...

Actually, in retrospect, I think the word that best describes Susan is exciting!

You are going to love this interview – enjoy!

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The Podcast: Listen, enjoy, share...

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Time Stamps (drag the cursor along the sound wave - might only work on desktop)


  • NDT vs task-specific training 06:21 minutes

  • The trouble with botox 10:38 minutes

  • Getting started with eStim 13:28 minutes

  • BWSTT 19:07 minutes

  • Fixing the Snake Bum 25:53 minutes

  • An innovative foot technique 35:18 minutes

  • WBV 39:32 minutes

  • Combining estim + WBV 45:30 minutes

  • Leaping forwards with eStim 46:18 minutes

  • The key to excellence in clinical practice 48:39 minutes

  • Galileo because... 51:44 minutes

  • Questions 55:07 minutes

    • Epilepsy 55:31 minutes

    • Training 56:22 minutes

    • Combining WBV and Estim 58:26 minutes

    • Hypervibe vs galileo & using WBV as a HEP 01:00:20 minutes

    • FES and WBV in babies and toddlers 01:02:22 minutes

    • Unit recommendations 01:10:46 minutes

    • estim parameters 01:11:13 minutes

  • Central Pattern Generators 01:14:04 minutes

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"Some eStim is better than none, more is better than some" - Gad Alon -
"Functional eStim is better than more eStim"
- Susan Hastings -

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Susan Hastings Bio

Susan Hastings, PT, DPT, PCS is a Board-Certified Pediatric Certified Specialist, who graduated from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions (RMUoHP) with a tDPT, specializing in Pediatrics in 2010. Upon graduation, she opened her own practice, utilizing mainly FES and WBV in her treatment. She has used functional electrical stimulation (FES) in children with upper motor neuron lesions for the past 20 years, developing new applications of stimulation for treatment in children with CP, with the focus on motor learning. She has presented her findings at Combined Sections Meeting 2016 and at APTA SoPAC 2016, where she co-taught a pre-conference course with Beverly Cusick. Susan was invited to present at the 2017 California APTA Annual Conference, as well as 2016 New Mexico APTA Annual Conference, and has given courses in numerous other cities, including Rio de Janeiro. Most recently she was asked to present her findings at AACPDM 2018, and again in 2019, where she gave a short presentation to the NMES -Gait-Assisted Group. Currently, she is collaborating with Dr. V R Edgerton and Dr. P Gad from the Edgerton Research Lab in UCLA, in order to help children with CP through novel FES applications of transcutaneous electrical spinal cord stimulation (TESS). Previous to opening her practice, she was Sr. Therapist for Santa Clara County California Children Services (CCS) for a staff of 45 therapists. During that time she was asked to assist in courses taught by notable pediatric therapists, including Beverly Cusick (biomechanics and casting), Judy Carmick (FES), Mary Massery (function and breathing), Lois Bly (NDT baby treatment), and Lauren Beeler (NDT). Susan was co-instructor with Judy Carmick (2010-1015), for courses on pediatric electrical stimulation.


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