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As physical, occupational and speech therapists working with children with complex needs (and too often) exhausted families and disconnected teams that don't always see eye-to-eye, we recognised the need for clinical discussions that go beyond what we can gather from textbook and published guidelines.

Paediatric Bowel and Bladder Therapy for Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists

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Dawn Sandalcidi


Physical Therapist specializing in Constipation and incontinence in kids

It is possible to have been a therapists for 30+ years, worked with hundreds, if not thousands of kids and have completely missed a glaring piece of the puzzle that was hidden in plane sight. That’s how I felt dipping into Dawn Sandalcidis’ world of children's bowel and bladder issues. Guilty that I hadn’t paid enough attention to the conversation with parents about their kids constipation, fascinated about how much there was to know about this most basic human function and excited about what we could do as therapists to make significant impacts in the lives and well-being of the kids who cross out paths if we just pay attention and ask the right questions.

Dawn Sandalcadi is known as a trail blazer in this areas of kids bowel and bladder. She is that and so much more. I think we squeezed more into this interview than any other interview I’ve done. More questions, more diagnoses, more practical tips, insights and inspiration - Dawn seems to make the impossibly complex simple and doable. I know you are going to gain so much from listening to this interview!


For handy links to things we've discussed in this interview,  scroll down to the Resources Section at the bottom of the page.

Listen, enjoy, share...

Podcast Highlights

Time Stamps in green

  • 03:50 minutes- Getting into pelvic floor therapy

  • 8:07 minutes- Going back to basics

  • 08:47 minutes- Finding the pelvic floor

  • 10:05 minutes- Constipation

  • 11:51 minutes- Constipation Tips

  • 13:14 minutes- Constipation Red flags

    • Frequent urination

    • Stomach aches

    • DRA above the belly button

    • Wide rib angle

    • Loose clothing

  • 15:43 minutes- Developing continence

  • 17:17 minutes- Quick test for rib flaring

  • 18:13 minutes- Alignment and it's importance in constipation and bed wetting

  • 20:47 minutes- CP and spina bifida basics

  • 24:45 minutes- Bed wetting

  • 31:09 minutes- The psychological impact of urinary and fecal leakage

  • 35:13 minutes- Shame and blame

  • 36:10 minutes- Parent Guilt

  • Questions

  • 38:30 minutes- Supplements

  • 39:28 minutes- Losing continence in CP

  • 39:58 minutes- Constipation and CP

  • 43:24 minutes- Bladder and Bowel control in CP

  • 44:24 minutes- When are children expected to be continent?

  • 44:59 minutes- Autism

  • 47:21 minutes- Toe-walking and tethered cord

  • 48:00 minutes- ADHD and sitting on the toilet

  • 51:04 minutes- Suppositories and Enemas

  • 52:10 minutes- Constipation Carousel

  • 53:05 minutes- Top Down, Bottom Up

  • 54:44 minutes- NEC

  • 59:22 minutes- Rectal prolapses

  • 1:01:33 minutes- Toileting and wearable garments

  • 1:04:04 minutes- Elastic Therapeutic Tape

  • Wrap UP

  • 1:05:05 minutes- Biggest Mistake

  • 1:05:28 minutes- Biggest frustration

  • 1:09:13 minutes- Best advice for new therapists in paeds

  • 1:10:13 minutes- Extras

  • 1:11:00 minutes- Time management secrets

  • 1:12:36 minutes- Courses

  • 1:15:26 minutes- FB group


Dawn’s courses


Jessica Drummon - nutrition in children


Timmerman 2018 and 2019 publication on constipation

What is the Zone of apposition?

ROME 4 criteria for infants and toddlers https://pubmed.n



Christine Stephenson, PT, DPT

Christine Stevenson - book on Amazon the poo detective I think


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