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Here you'll find interviews with professionals who are leaders in the field of neuroplasticity, neuromotor development and childhood disability. 

You'll get fascinating insights into how they developed their skills and more importantly useful tips and strategies to boost your own.

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Mary has a formidable and impressive reputation as a thought leader in physical therapy and it is well deserved. She is an international key note speaker, an academic and a practicing clinician who fully intends to keep practicing after she turns 100, which is a good...

Susan Blum has been recommended more than most, and if you haven’t at least heard her name mentioned alongside TMR tots & teens, I’m thinking you’re probably a wee bit isolated from

Esther travels the world teaching and sharing her knowledge as a true clinician who values not only the evidence base, but the patients experience and intuitive wisdom that comes with real work in the real world. You can find handy links and more info

Besides being an active clinical podiatrist, Dr Cylie Williams has been involved in a wide range of interesting research from whole body vibration therapy to developing clinical decision-making tools in cerebral palsy. She is passionate about knowledge translation in a...

Cole's research goal is: To advance technologies so all people can create their world via independent mobility. Cole puts tech, mobility and neurorehab together in the most real world, reachable way. Find out why outpatient neurorehab is a dead dinosaur and why &qu...

Pia Stampe is a physical therapist who has developed a systematic approach to delivering an intensive therapy model that is showing spectacular results. In this interview we get into the nitty gritty from a therapist’s perspective: scheduling, funding, tools of the tra...

Nancy Hylton is one of the most influential physical therapists in the world of dynamic orthotics. She has been key in bringing us both SPIO compression garments and Cascade dynamic foot orthoses. Her interview is packed with insightful advice to clinician's most f...

For clinicians wanting to know the whys, whats, how often and how much with gait trainers, standing frames, powered mobility and compression garments - we get into it in this interview

When to do CIMT vs Bimanual. When not to do CIMT, home programs vs therapy in clinic, dosage, intensity and more. Brian has over 20 years clinical experience and an impressive academic career which makes for interesting discussions on clinicians vs academics!

Kim Barthel is an OT, an author, a teacher and a visionary who has a gift for putting things in perspective and making complex ideas simple. She's on fire about trauma and attachment and grounded in NDT and SI therapies.

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