Jo-Anne Weltman: Cuevas MEDEK Exercises (CME) in neuromotor rehabilitation for Peadiatric Physiother

CME Cuevas MEDEK Exercises Jo-Anne Weltman

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Jo-Anne has worked as a paediatric physiotherapist in South Africa, America, New Zealand and Canada - in hospitals, early intervention, schools and private practice. Her clinical knowledge is multifaceted and she has life long love of hands-on learning. Her specialty is Cuevas MEDEK Exercises and she has kindly offered to share her insights and learnings with us.

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Time Stamps (drag the cursor along the sound wave - might only work on desktop)

  • What's so great about CME? 4:40

  • What is CME actually? 5:30

  • CME ontroversies and criticisms addressed 7:30

  • The nuts & bolts - what does CME look like 11:14

  • HEP, stretching / abnormal patterns, sensory input / posture / prevention of musculoskeletal deformities, intensity, length of treatments

  • What type of children are appropriate for CME 17:58

  • Orthotics and assistive devices in CME 19:57

  • Research 21:57

  • Training 23:46

  • CME vs NDT 25:45

  • CME equipment 27:02

  • Prechtel's General Movement Assessment 28:14

  • Questions 31:07

  • Who is MEDEK appropriate for

  • Addressing the core and walking in kids with spastic diplegia

  • NDT and MEDEK compatibility

  • CME Training opportunities

  • Dr Penny Butler's Targeted Training and SATCo 34:28

  • Mentoring and Joanne’s new online project 37:36


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