Colleen Peyton & Prechtl General Movement Assessment for Occupational & Physical Therapists

Colleen Peyton is an assistant professor at Northwestern. She is PT and a licensed GMA (General Movement Assessment) instructor with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for getting the best outcomes for our littlest preemies.

A fundamental skill of therapists working in neuromotor development is the ability to analyze movement. The GMA (General Movement Assessment) takes this to a whole new level and Colleen Peyton has a wealth of knowledge about just how to do this. Colleen combines her many years of clinical work as a physical therapist with her academic research on human movement and development to give us practical and applicable insight into this amazing tool that is changing the outcomes of children at risk for cerebral palsy and other developmental disabilities. No matter if you're familiar with the GMA or it's new to you, you'll find something in this interview that will give you an A-ha moment - and when you do - join in the online conversation by sharing it with a #wiredonColleen so we can find you and appreciate your insights too!

You are going to love this interview – enjoy!

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  • Something you could do tomorrow that will change lives 9:17 minutes

  • Clinicians doing Research & Training 12:36 minutes

  • Seeing what's in front of you - Prognostic indicators 15:09 minutes

  • TIMP vs GMA: What-When-Why 17:36 minutes

  • HINZ 21:24 minutes

  • Hi-tech vs low-tech Assessments 23:12 minutes

  • Treading lightly - Sharing information with parents 26:07 minutes

  • There's an App for that 32:10 minutes

  • Practical applications, tips and tricks 34:55 minutes

  • Common mistakes 52:10 minutes

  • Useful resources and exciting research 01:00:42 minutes

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  • Official website for the GMA

  • Colleen Research papers

  • Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

  • Gillick Pediatric Neuromodulation Lab

  • Friel Lab

  • TIMP

  • Karolinska Institute

Diaz Heijtz R, Almeida R, Eliasson AC, Forssberg H. Genetic Variation in the Dopamine System Influences Intervention Outcome in Children with Cerebral Palsy. EBioMedicine. ;28:162–167. doi:10.1016/j.ebiom.2017.12.028


  • Prechtl's Method on the Qualitative Assessment of General Movements in Preterm, Term and Young Infants Amazon Link

  • Fetal Behaviour: A Neurodevelopmental Approach Amazon Link

  • Cerebral Palsy in Infancy: targeted activity to optimize early growth and development Amazon Link

  • Juniper: The Girl Who Was Born Too Soon Amazon Link

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